The tissue of origin of the Kaposi's sarcoma is?

The tissue of origin of the Kaposi’s
sarcoma is ?
a) Lymphoid
b) Vascular
c) Neural
d) Muscular
Correct Answer - B
Ans is ‘b’ i.e., Vascular
Kaposi Sarcoma
Kaposi sarcoma is an intermediate grade, multicentric vascular,

  • The pathogenesis of kaposi sarcoma is complex, fundamentally it
    is an angioproliferative disease that is not a true neoplastic sarcoma.
    It is a manifestation of excessive proliferation of spindle cells that are
    believed to be of vascular origin and have features in common with
    endothelial and smooth muscle cells.
  • Grossly-Three stages of the disease can be identified
    Patch (1st stage)
    Plaque (intermediate stage)
    LI Nodule (last stage)
  • Histologically-The changes are nonspecific in the early patch stage
    and more characteristic in the nodular stage which show sheets of
    plump proliferating spindle cells and endothelial in the dermis or
    subcutanous tissue