The treatment consists in zinc supplementation

The treatment consists in zinc supplementation and, in all kinds of zinc deficiencies, approximately 70% of patients have a clinical improvement after six months of treatment, and, frequently, manifestations are already milder after few days. There is not a clear consensus about the dose of zinc supplementation, but elemental zinc at 1–3 mg/kg/day orally should be sufficient. The duration of the treatment depends on the etiology. Patients with reversible acquired zinc deficiency could require supplementation for few months in most cases and, generally, there is no relapse after the end of the treatment. In contrast, when patients are affected by AE present symptoms after weaning, they usually require life-long supplementation. In our case, zinc supplementation was given orally at 5 mg/kg/day. The skin lesions improved significantly after three days and completely healed after 15 days without relapse, suggesting the reversibility of zinc deficiency and a good prognosis.Thank you.