The virtues of sex

The virtues of sex

Making love at least two or three times a week is good for your health.
It releases an antibody, the immunoglobulin, which strengthens the defenses of the organism, preventing certain diseases and infections.

Here’s the list:
1-sex prevents prostate cancer.
Ejaculate at least 5 times a week keeps the perspective of developing prostate cancer, according to several studies.

2-sex is a sport.
Sex is an excellent physical activity.
He makes your heart system work, now in shape.
In addition, he makes all your muscles work.
Think that in half an hour of sexual activity, you burn 200 calories!
So it equals a diet, in much more pleasant.

3-He’s getting rid of the headache.
The excuse of the migraine is a very bad excuse.
In fact, sex has the power to make the headaches disappear by releasing a hormone, oxytocin, which allows the body to relax.

4-it’s good against depression.
Making love eliminates nervous tension.
Women who make love regularly are less stressed and better in their skin.
In fact, sex releases serotonin, a natural antidepressant.

5-it allows you to stay young.
Scottish Psychologist David weeks has conducted a study with 3500 people with minimum three sexual intercourse per week.
They looked younger than their age…
6-sex is good for morale.
Sex is a healthy activity that is to give pleasure to another person and to receive it.
It’s also a moment when you give free course to your emotions.

7-sex makes you happy.
Sexually Active people are generally more optimistic and positive.
This is certainly the best way to prevent depression.

8-he promotes sleep.

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