The word *Radiology* used to give me goose bumps! It was the dream!

And yes, now also - the feeling is same, Living my dream life!

Reasons are many ( kindly dont judge me, is more about psychology)

Background (bad attributes/weakness) -

  1. Shy and introvert since childhood

  2. Shyness leads to poor communication skills, which lead to lack of confidence.

  3. Doctor - means patient interaction!

4 . Phobia of emergency, blood, risk, responsibility.

  1. Wards and OT has physical labour, run here and there.

  2. No interest in clinical things, wanted to be engineer and do world trips!

Good attributes (strength)

  1. Techy person, intrested in technology and computers since childhood brought up playing PC games, cellphones.

  2. Like to travel, like foods, Iike free time, needs calmer work, with less responsibility.

  3. Working with machines, always a dream. Screens and images attracts me!

  4. Being a doctor, having medical knowledge, good at studies - Radiology is branch made for me!!

Improvements -

  1. Fixed shyness, fixed communication skills, fixed phobias!

  2. Interacting with Patients, finding pleasure in counseling them.

  3. Doing Interventional radiologic procedures - no more invasive procedures phobia!

Hope you got the answer!