The wrong way to correct your ears

The wrong way to correct your ears.

Most of the times we use some ways while cleaning the ears, with which the mail goes out in time but then feel hurt later.
Actually, the ear of the ear protects the ears from the germs and the land, but the problem is that people who use the methods to remove the pain of the ear can cause severe danger to ears and hearing.
In New York’s ạy̰ḵwn school of medicine, ear and throat, ḵly̰ny̰ḵl professor Dr. Boris Cẖrnwblsḵy̰, according to the nakedness, can damage the ear curtains and the small bones of the inner part.

He said that the one who comes out of the inner side of the ear can be a severe cycle and a man can always be deprived of hearing.
According to Dr. Cẖrnwblsḵy̰, the skin of the outer thin of the ear can be easily injured during the cleaning efforts, as a result, the outer part of the ear may also be in danger of having extremely painful infection.
If you want to protect your ears, you will have to get forwarding in the following ways according to the guidance of Dr. Cẖrnwblsḵy̰.

  1. Cleaning the ears daily

Usually most people don’t need to clean their ears because naturally it’s cleaning their own.
When you move your hair to chewy something, it naturally comes out of the groove of the ear and comes to the outer side, which is yellow and orange.
The name of this is sy̰rwmn which kill special type of germs and prevents it from being a pھpwnd in the ear.
This is why experts say that the inner part of the ear should be waiting to come out of its self instead of pulling out the monsoonal and when it comes to the outer part of the ear, then it should be taken out of a piece of clean and wet clothes.

Using 2. Cotton Bڈz

The cleaning of the ear is considered necessary through cotton trees but this idea is wrong.
Using Cotton Bones can also make ear mail (Sy̰rwmn) to the inner groove, which can cause infection to dry and dry in the ear. Apart from this, the ear curtains and small bones can also be damaged.

  1. Use of nok items

A lot of people use their ears to be cleaned and cleaned with any point, like hair pin and key etc, so that the pain of the ear and the mail in it can be removed. The internal and outer part of the ear is extreme due to the use of these items. The damage can reach.

  1. Use of candles

Some people use candles to escape from an extra mile of ear. In this way a hollow bright candle is placed in the ear. This is how the mail in the ear sticks with this candle.
But research has proved that this method is non-effective and as a result, the curtain of the ear is burning, the internal groove of the ear can be seen in the shape.

  1. Use of water filled with water

Even though the proper amount of water is considered to be cleaned in the ear, the most safe is counted, but after that the ear is not dry well, it can cause big problems. For example, the pain of the pain in the ear. Being etc.
That is why Dr. Boris Cẖrnwblsḵy̰ is the guide to the age-aged people who use headphones, air phones, or medical ạsٹy̰tھsḵwp to help a specialist doctor after every few months to clean ears and clean ears. Do.