There are few genuine doubts/questions that i would like to ask if there are any radiologists here

There are few genuine doubts/questions that i would like to ask if there are any radiologists here.(kindly give ur valuable opinion)

  1. How hard is it to study radiology. Is it like ‘whole new’ hifi stuff to study? Im a person who is less interested in reading a lot and more in doing things(procedures), images help me a lot in studying… will the branch suit me.?😐.

( part of me is forcing me to choose medicine as most of it is seen or heard by us during our ug days… )

  1. How is life after residency. Is there struggle to get a job. What are future scope.? ( I dont want uncertainities even after completing pg.)

  2. Does it feel like that ‘doctor wala feeling’ and recognition is taken away from us?.. ( during the course of time i have realised that recognition of being a doctor is important for me… and equally important is the lifestyle and health)

If 3rd point is important for you… Please dont take radiology. Medicine is the best way to go forward in ur case

4th doubt from my side :

Is it a wise choice to opt for radiology if one doesn’t feel like opening own diagnostic centre in future?

you won’t get the doctor wala feeling in radiology. Secondly radiology is theoretically vast, enormous and actually volatile. You have to remember cutoffs for measurements and echogenicity/density/intensity patterns. Job security isn’t very bad right now, but no one knows what will happen in the coming tomorrow. You cannot regard radio as an evergreen branch like medicine.

1: Both radio and medicine are academically challenging subjects. In radio, u also must have firm concepts about anatomy and all the clinical subjects, as it is the “backbone” of all the hardcore clinical subjects. But one thing for sure, u will never get bored while studying radiology

2: Life after residency entirely depends on what u want to do. Most of the radiologists after completion of pgtship, gets associated with a hospital and diagnostic centre mainly performing usg. Some pursue fellowships, FRCR, DM. Future of radiology is extremely bright with the advancements in teleradiology, AI and 5g

3: In the eyes of a non medico, unfortunately, due to lack of awareness, radiologists are sometimes regarded as technitians. However it is completely opposite in the medicos circle. Whenever there is any doubt in any investigations, they will come for your opinion and your words will be taken as a final diagnosis. In hospitals, there is something known as “tumour board” where presence of a radiologist is mandatory, and their diagnosis is always given a priority over clinicopathological correlation.
Angshuman Gupta sir as I can see you’ve done your radiodiagnosis from command hospital which path did you take to enter into armed forces , pls enlighten me that if we have done our MBBS from a GMC then how can we enter into armed forces to pursue our PG ?

1 and 2… If you can appreciate murmurs , heart sounds ,etc , then medicine…

If you can actually see and correlate , then radio…

  1. All physicians/ surgeons will be behind your opinion before treating the patients…Actually its more thrilling to diagnose and taking it right on OT…

4 ( from comment section ) there s enough jobs in private sector/ institutes… Some1 may even open up the center and look after it, if you are ready to work for them…

3rd point.

Most people from gen public dont know if Radiologists are drs. Even before joining MBBS many of us felt the same way.

And also almost no patient interaction.

If you can let go of these thing then definitely go for radio, otherwise may regret later.

I think surgery will best suits you. Bcoz of lots of interventions and procedures.

In Medicine and radio u have to read alot.

If u like radio then Don’t think that what people will say. U will save lives by clinching diagnosis. U will know about every subject.

In the end u will get satisfaction what u do not others.

So follow ur passion whether it be medicine radio or surgery.