There were loads of questions from respiratory

Hi there, I just took my exam yesterday and from what I interpreted from the exam about the question’s distribution I’m gonna share it with you all now.
There were loads of questions from respiratory. Then around 5 were from CVS. About 3,4 were from ethics n psych each. I know only this much information is not gonna help but hopefully soon I will share the questions as well. Besides that the initial part was difficult. The questions were lengthy and had X rays, ECGs and figures attached with them, but the second half of the exam was almost exactly like the questions that I did in the mocks that I got from this page. So that was a great help. And in the end for those who face problem with time management a good tip is to leave the difficult ones for later n attempt the ones you are sure about n keep shading the gaps don’t leave them for later. That way at the end you will have time to think about the difficult questions and to attempt them rather than worrying about shading.