They created this rat race in the first place

They created this rat race in the first place… even if you want to work… crippling thought of lagging will always be there.

Don’t you stress out while on vacation/or break/or family function/taking decision to work or are you normal?

Wht fellowships r available from u.k n how to pursue them?

Agreed!!even i have seen many BDS ppl to open their clinic just after graduation

When there was no intention, there was peace. Ask who dint write neet

When Harrison is there, even today Harrison is still there.

What r we doing we r working under uneducated fellows and give them respect salute them its all abt power anf money and confidence jiske pass h vo success h we r working under people who opens clinics centres hire us and makes money why cant we do that m to ni kr skti kuki mjhme confidence ni h thoughts hi aise h ki seniors izzat ni denge i dont have that confidence but around me there r people who r just bams log unko bolte h ki sir mam k pass jana h they havr huge repsect for them not for us because we r just sitting at home and preparing

and who are teaching this bams - its our very own md ms consultants ,i just see these alternatives as a easy backdoor to get spoon fed by modern medicine specialists whilst we can only get to that place only through pg . even be there a law that alternatives shouldnt practice modern med and mbbs md ms shouldnt help them in thier clinics or in any hospitals no crosspathy ! there is no one to implement these laws and wash away these crosspathies .consultants are like - just pay me - i will teach to anyone ,even shcool childrens ,make them a mini specialist in matter of 4-6 months . no one cares - earn and earn… there is no nobility for this profession ,there is no proudness to whom we should share this skills to only deserved .if one can learn like this - then whats the need for entrance exams right from the school till the specialty ? just teach to anyone… illiterates , underqualified people like janitors etc. teach to everyone but to a mbbs doc who begs and begs and tail you for whole day. have some honor to whom you should share your skills dammit.yes and whos doing it ? still the teachers are consultants… even if its a non mbbs teacher in that apps or vids… to them its the consultant mbbs md taught to them. learning for knowing and learning for practicing is very different and it should stick to only the professionals of the respective field . treating patients with a non mbbs degree should be treated as criminals ,non bailable , and definite jail term. same should go to who teach non mbbs . spreading awareness is different from teaching clinicals and allowing them to treat the patients. the line must be strict.