Thinking to study from utsav sir (marrow)

I have studied ophtha earlier but still my weakest subject.

Thinking to study from utsav sir (marrow)

Should i study everything at this time or focus on important topics (if yes what topics?) ? Or go for revision videos ?

How should i go about it. Please help me out.

I think even after doing qbank, notes and swt, score is not improving, thn only thing u can do is attempt less questions from that subject… try to b defensive with such subjects in gts… See images of fundus, machines, read refraction , cornea and conjuctiva ,out of 12 questions u will b able to mark 5-6 questions correct approximately. and leave rest of them… ur score will hav some positive shift… tried it with biochemistry it helped me…

I feel just go through revision videos of sir… He covered everything so nicely and precisely…