This delay actually making me feel very tired

This delay actually making me feel very tired and i have no interest to be in this profession now.I just want a stable income of 1 lakh per month and have peace in life.Which branch will give me 1L/month atleast?Please help.Mocking mat krna.Rank 20k

Join capitalist hospital if u want to earn shitloads of money.

Join Medical service centre if u want to contribute to society and have peace of mind.

Bodhisatya Biswas you seem to study medicine using capitalist money in a place where you would have been shot for enemy of the people for just thinking about joining medicine hy paying fees .

PSM in some central institute … For 3 yrs income >1L secured… in the meantime marry a radiologist

There is a vacancy for psychiatrist, gynaecologist and paediatrician at Baru sahib himachal pradesh. Salary ranges from 1.75 to 2 lakhs per month depending on interview and experience. On campus mess and residential facilities available. Working hours are around 3 to 4 hours a day.

We also have a position for post mbbs medical officer. Pay will be one lakh.

Kindly send it across your group s and contacts. Thanks

Contact: 7579155663

Go for LLB. File medicolegal cases on doctors and divide the compensation amount with the patient. No stress of PG. No stress of emergency duties. Chilled life with good money, depends on how much u can milk doctors. And ensured summer and winter vacation.

With any pg degree u can get close to 1 lakh per month. If u wana work extra hours ur salary too will increase.