This fight is with egoistic businessman, not with Yoga and Ayurveda

This fight is with egoistic businessman, not with Yoga and Ayurveda

The way this dispute is being colored as religion and nationalism to defend Baba Ramdev is sad. The way sickening attempts are being made to make it Ayurveda vs Allopathy is also sad. Ayurveda and allopathy are two different paths to reach the same destination.

This fight is not against Ayurveda.

This fight is not even against that Yoga Guru Ramdev who has brought Yoga to every corner of the world.

The fight is against an egoistic businessman in the disguise of a saint who is defaming another method to sell his goods. This fight is against the eighth pass quack who has neither studied Ayurveda, nor allopathy but gives knowledge of both. The fight is against the ego-shattered over-ambitious, bubbly man who thinks the sacrifice of a thousand doctors in this country is a humor.

This fight is with that businessman who seems to be in vain the struggle of Corona Warriors who are dying in every corner of the country.

Wars are won and defeated but every nation always remembers the sacrifice of soldiers, respects them.

Should this country easily forgive someone who mocks the sacrifices of its health soldiers?

Every medical method has its limitations and no trained physician of any method will ever claim a hundred percent treatment from small to minor illness. As a physician of Modern Medicine, at least I can say this with claim about Modern Medicines. Baba has any herb or medicine that can successfully cure Covid % and is more effective than vaccine, then he must tell.

Baba Ramdev will have to tell the country today how many serious patients of Covid he cured with that medicine. And if there is any truth in their words, then shut down these government Covid hospitals, pick up these ventilators, bipaps and oxygen cylinders. Fire Remdesvir, Covishield and Sterodz.

Today I don’t want to ask Baba Ramdev but to the Prime Minister, Health Minister and ICMR of the country, when we had amazing doctor like Ramdev and unique medicine like Coronil then why the poor people of this country handed over to those thieves, robbers doctors of modern medicine Has been done? In front of the government, there were alternatives of both Ayurveda and Allopathy, then why did the government choose allopathy for the Covid war?

Mr. Prime Minister, the world has not yet been free from the havoc of Covid. The havoc of mucormycosis is at its peak. You are requested that today, at the same time, give the command of treatment of Covid and Mucar to Baba. There will be no greater favor than you on this country.