This is certainly an achievement of science and medicine

Surgery is performed in the eye crystalline and has already been tested in at least 20 patients declared visually impaired and who after that surgery, exactly 30 days later, managed to recover it.

This sounds amazing! And the best thing is it’s true.

The most surprising thing is not that they have recovered their sight, but those who underwent that surgery, now don’t even require the use of glasses to see, their vision is completely normal and this just months after the operation.

This surgery is intended to help those people who have lost their vision to traumatic brain injuries or even relate to Terson’s Syndrome.

And what does it consist of?

The procedure is to remove the gelatinous tissue located behind the crystalline of the eye and replace it with saline solution, all of this through the viterctomy, a name with which this procedure is known.

Some of the patients operated, 3 months before they had suffered bleeding, others had blindness for a time longer than 3 months and in both cases achieved good results thanks to this procedure.

From “legally blind” to having a normal view.

Just one month after surgery, patient s’ vision improved to an average of 20/40 from an average of 20/1290. In a few months, almost all patients had a 20/20 vision (normal visual acuity without glasses) I love you.

This is certainly an achievement of science and medicine.