This is simple plain useless diplomatic language

This is simple plain useless diplomatic language, nothing concrete has been written as per the number of working hours or shifts, it makes no difference whatsoever.

I wonder how many folks follow this order

Even ragging in banned on paper but everyone know the reality

For years pg’s couldn’t speak up for fear of repercussions like failing etc. ,this is a very welcome step.

Ekta kotha sobar e bojha uchit MD/DNB te fail korleo kichu hoi na…karon oi suppli keu job interview te ba practice e dekhe na…r bar bar fail korale institute ba department er dikeo point out hobe, tader quality teaching nie. Eta simply PGT Der erokom ekta environment e rakha hoi tader die kaaj udhdhar korar jnyo…

Every hospital has same duty hours for doctors, but it never possible. So government make rule for all government & private colleges.

Ye notice sabhi private & government colleges me bhej deni chahie

It would have been better had NMC given a written order regarding duty schedule of a pgt per week and also leave

Rather mentioning weekly off vaguely, compulsory weekly off should b written clearly…this document still expects institues to mend their ways as a choice nd nt enforcement!!

These are useless notices with vague languages employed by administration to ward off responsibility and create pseudo happiness among ignorant aggrieved parties

I don’t think any toxic institute would ever implement this. It’s just on paper and nobody would go through the pain of initiating any legal action against the wrongdoers.

Issue raised in print media and parliament that is why nmc ass on fire. Otherwise jaise chal rha h chalne de

Weekly off, how funny, go to private & government college & see, any leave given or not? Student can’t say anything but who has done this rule have some source for this

A central grievence cell or zonal grievence cells controlled by NMC have to set up so that residents can directly contact there if any such situations arise.

Any mentions abt hw dis is goin to b implemented nd who is gonna mak sure abt its implementation??

Everywhere anesthesia resident get free by5 apart frm call dty days but here they threaten student to work till proper working hrs should be made

Make them pay by the hour.

The working hours automatically reduce if that happens.