This post is aimed to clear all the doubts regarding the lcc plab 2 course

This post is aimed to clear all the doubts regarding the lcc plab 2 course.
Recently there had been a few claims that were actually meant to defame london clinical course academy whose main aim is to serve the Pakistani students.
She is the first candidate of my batch who attempted and cleared despite having 13 years of clinical gap.
Her success proves that this course is in no way less than other courses being offered and in my opinion the students aren’t missing on anything!

Maria Saqib recommends London Clinical Courses.

15 hrs

My plab journey is very different from others as people travel from Pakistan to Uk to attend Plab2 courses but i travelled from London to Pakistan to attend Pab2 course in karachi.
I like to say a big thank to Dr Ash he has a very good plan which is very effective.I previously attended two courses from two different academies in UK , but couldn’t get real essence of exam which inturned shattered my confidence , Dr Ash and his team provided me with a complete insight of this exam.His course did boost up my confidence as well , on day one 1 was different person and one day 7 , I was totally different person, I must say that Dr Ash has the best communication skills, I wrote every single thing he said in his course, his notes are fairly simple, he doesn’t focus on scripts , his general approach is sufficient to crack any situation , I was not worried about new or old stations, He just taught us how to naturally behave like a dr in NHS,
As being an NHS consultant he knows NHS from inside out that reflects in his style of teaching.
We were also. taught by experienced consultants from Uk which has given us different flavor of plab2 like Dr Ahmar consultant gyne and Dr Naila.
The 7 day teaching was not at all stressful as we were provided with tea breaks and delicious lunch that kept our mind active throughout the course. The best thing about LCC is the direct access to all the latest mannequins. Dr Ash taught us all the maniquins and provided us to practice as well.

Thsnx Dr Ash, i would have never passed this exam without your guidance.You totally changed my Approach towards this exam.
I trusted blindly on LCC and did exactly what i was taught and the final result is infront you all.
I had a huge gap of 13 years in my medical career but due to individual attention and guidance provided by DrAsh and Team i was able to pass plab 2 exam.
In the end I would only say one thing to Pakistani Drs, that please don’t waste your time, money and energy no need to come to Uk for plab Preparation, I attended 2 academies here, none taught me what I learnt from LCC plab 2 Pakistan Course.
If you need to know which Uk academy I attended , pros and cons of each , than please send me inbox message I will reply.