This post is just for awareness abt depression and i m not judging anyone

this post is just for awareness abt depression and i m not judging anyone.
#longpost Few words on depression
read Definition of depression from psychiatry
read Suicide predictor SADPERSONS score from psychiatry
Non medicos Google it
first thing is cause of depression. d cause is immaturity to handle the stressful events of life, rejections, failures, problems of life. these problems may be due to personal reasons lyk chronic illness, old habits, loss of support or due to social reasons.
for my non medicos friends…clinical feature of depression are low mood, loss of interest in pleasurable activities which were previously presurabel, lethargy, energy lack, bodyaches, decrease sleep, overgeneralising the situation, focusing on negative things and ignoring positive ones, drawing negative conclusions of everything, forgetfulness, feeling of worthless, hopeless and many more.
i write features bcs many ppl don’t know if they are in depression or not. HOPELESness is strong predictor of suicide.

  1. consult with mbbs doctorfor advice or psychitrist directly. and tell psychiatrist whatever is going inside ur mind and doctor will councell u. Don’t feel shy to consult to psychiatrist. in india ppl generally ignore these symptoms bcs ppl don’t take depression seriously.
  2. strengthen your thinking process. start taking little decisions from ur own. it will bring confidence to take bigger decisions by urself.
  3. depression is due to lack of ur inner power to handle stress so, strengthen ur inner power. don’t get distracted from little things in lyf. and to strenthen ur inner will power, u need to do is “SELF REALISATION”… actually whats going on is; we r in world where everyone is falling for more money, materialistic things and they hv no tym to sit with self. they hv no tym sit alone and find answers from inner self. all we do is either we try to ignore d problem or want someone to advice us… we hv lost our decision making skill. DEVELOP DECISION MAKING SKILL.
  4. decision making skill, strengthening of inner self, self realisation all things r interlinked. secondly i hv seen dat ppl who r depressed hv confusion about ideas or decisions in mind. usually seen in borderline type of personalities. they r not able to pick up the right decision at ryt time due to lack of decision making skills. so, the frustation builds up and u become dependent on someone fr advice…and if no one is there with whom u can share; it leads to adding up of frustation, with hopelessness and then slowly and slowly all above clinical features develop and it may bring u toward wrong decison.
  5. depression may be due to any cause personal or social .we have to learn that god has given u one life and no creature on earth is more intellegent tgan human being. learn to enjoy the life.learn to chase ur dreams. loka da ta kam hai bolna.tuc bs apna kam krde jao… j kuj galat ho reha society ch ya tuhade naal ta os against awaz chuko …na ki haar mano. dekho duniya te kinne lok aaye ne te kinne gye, kisse nu koi farak nhi penda. loka ne 2 din raula pauna fer chup kr jana. loss ta tuhade parents da hai. suicide krn di bjae jo tuhade suicide da karan hai os naal ldo…j oh reason personal hai ta self realisation, mental development te jor dvo…j oh reason social hai ta mental strenthening de naal naal os social evil against awaz chuko…suicide is not solution to anything…SUICIDE is not the end of pain; it shifts pain from you to other ones( ur parents)… dimag te zor pao, socho, smzo ki jo tuc kr rhe ho oh shi hai. ki suicide toh bina koi solution nhi hai isda? poori zindgi nikl jandi hai eh sikhn vich ki zindgi nu jeena kidda hai. kuj loka nu ta 80-90 di age ch v zindgi di importance, zindgi de mayne, zindgi jeen da treeka nhi aanda te kuj 20-25 di umar vich hi sb sikh jande ne… aajkl de zmane h jeena gai ta eh qualties develop krnia peniya ne… te ik cheej yaad rko eho jeha koi v question nhi jisda jwab tuhanu apne andro nhi mil skda…its just ki tuc sochna start ta kro…these skills take tym to develop but slowly and slowly u will master it…
    so,strengthen ur mind, ideas, thought process, logical thinking and someones support is needed to cope up with depression. and psychiatrist is trained in this… so, 2 options to deal with it…either u develop ur logical thinking capacity and decision making skill OR visit psychiatrist. but don’t ever think abt ending ur life.