This post not for offence. Only one thought

This post not for offence. Only one thought.
Agar md/ms people can give exam of DNB than DNB one why can not give exam of md/ms. Means DNB passout also get eligible for giving md/ms exam of respective university related to college/nearer city or in state universities by simply giving exam fee, registration for exam after passing out DNB. Yes degree is not important for practice as DNB=md/ms. Than why they hesitate for this rule. This not for offence.

If you look actually DNB is like pg degree of UK/ US /AUS / CANADA

Done in hospitals ( not colleges). Single exam.

Exam is not conducted at parent university.

Its a degree from “ national board”. A single univ

Md/ MS On contrary is given by different universities.

So if you let a DNB candidate to write MD/MS exam directly

They might keep on writing it from diff universities right.

Because one univ cannot keep account of graduates of other universities 🙂.

Anyways like for MBBS,

EXIT exam will soon be there for PG- SS too. And there will be unification. Just a matter of 3-4 yrs.

Ask the question to toppers…why do they hesitate between ms/md/DNB and u will get ur answer

Dnb is superior degree as it is by national board and more validity outside india… you don’t have to need MD and MS after it… ( only NMC discriminate it )