This prescription is also useful to get rid of cough

This prescription is also useful to get rid of cough.

Mix 10 grams of pure mustard oil with 10 grams of gurh and lick each spoon in the morning and evening.

Add peepal leaves and jokhar 4, 4 grams, black pepper 5 to 7 grams, anardana 25 grams and make it clean by adding 50 grams of garh.

Eating 5 grams of clean water in the morning and evening can get rid of chronic cough.

Malaria -☆

If a patient’s malaria fever is not getting down, then it will be beneficial by mixing black cumin and gurh.

For fever–☆

Garh’s syrup is very useful for stubborn fever.

Garh’s syrup benefits a patient with fever very quickly.

Power of immunity–☆

Eating gurh and black sesame laddu in winter season morning and evening gives full immunity in the body against coolness and also beneficial in cough, asthma and broncites etc.

This prescription is considered to be dalit for those children who urinate on their bed in sleep.

For the hiccup -

Gurh has also proved to be useful to prevent hiccups.

Dry up the old gurh and grind it. It has been seen to improve the hiccup by mixing it with money ginger.

Headache -☆

Due to stress, the disease of migraine or migraine is becoming common in our society. It is also called half headache. To get rid of it, 12 grams of garh before sunrise and at night while sleeping. Mix 6 grams of ghee and eat for a few days.

For mucus–☆

If there is a complaint of mucus and mucus is also increasing, then using ginger juice with the ginger juice can end the complaint of mucus.

For back pain–☆

Elderly and women often complain about back pain. If they mix 50 grams of celery and eat 5 grams of this mixture in the morning and 5 grams in the evening, then it will be from it. They will get better.

Treatment of obesity -☆

Use Garh instead of sugar to get rid of Mattapay.

Drops come -☆

Those people who get urine drops, eating jaggery and sesame laddu can get rid of this disease.

The treatment of throat -

Eating rice cooked in the jaggery cures the throat sitting.

And the voice becomes silly