This was my first attempt in both inicet and neetpg and got AIR 101 Neet pg 22

This was my first attempt in both inicet and neetpg and got
AIR 101 Neet pg 22.
AIR 677 Inicet 22
First of all I would like to thank everyone at Marrow for this. I started using marrow plan C from my final year proff days so, I have seen most of the clinical subjects videos during final year. I had made notes from few topics which I found very difficult during that time
This year during internship I didn’t have any specific study plan initially but later on I divided whole syllabus into short topics ,medical basic topics (physio,Pharma ,path biochem micro med pedia)
And surgical topics( anat ophth ent surgery obgy anaesthesia ortho and radio) .I found its the best way to integrate the basic stuffs with clinical subjects. I managed to study them in this way .I think those delta videos by Marrow are must for them who don’t have enough time because of hectic internship schedule.I didn’t have enough time to make notes of them but seen those videos thoroughly.I didn’t get enough time to revise the whole syllabus once again but I have given almost all GT from Marrow and I got similar kind of rank in neet which I used to get in Marrow tests. Regarding Qbanks I have solved only 400+ modulesbut If you are not getting enough time then just solve the previous year ones… Thanks to Dr Rohan sir, Dr sakshi Ma’am, Dr Manisha ma’am,Dr Rebecca ma’am , Dr shivika ma’am and Dr Ranjan Patel sir for all those conceptual videos and clinical orientation.Special thanks to Dr Rakesh sir for his way of teaching,integrated topics and really inspiring personality.Thanks to my family, friends,seniors for your help during this .