Those of you who didn't get IV this season

Those of you who didn’t get IV this season, what’s your plan now? What’s next to improve profile for next year? Need suggestions.

I went to nursing school. Had not read any nursing books, after 3 usmles and + unfinished residency due to PD had very strong personality disorder I passed NCLEX on Saturday after finishing nursing school on Friday. I payed 14 thousand after refinancing my mortgage. Now I go to NP on line. I had strong discussion with myself. Do you want to be NP or PA. I choose NP as they independently work in state of Massachusetts from MD. PAs are always dependent. With all this competition between MDs and DAs You really simplify your life 42 dollars an hour everyone needs you for 75 hours a week You make your family happy. After working 92 hours a week in ED and getting 52 thousands a year as a resident? And then no stop of abuse of power, and there is no single organization in USA who will save or fight for You to became fully licensed physician who you really are. I would choose right now of being who am an MD with no salary at all. One day I will write a book about being MD and doing overtime RN job. I would better go to Research like my best buddy did. Became a manager with His MD and PHD with Prissier distributing vaccines at this time. My another Russian friend with MD and also PHD sent to 15