Those who are ready to join PG residency here's a piece of advice

Those who are ready to join PG residency here’s a piece of advice. Beware of a “Specific Class” of Senior Residents whose only motive will be to demotivate you and prove that you know nothing and they know everything. “Empty Vessels sound more”. Don’t you dare talk about DM or MCh preparation in front of them. Don’t you dare ask about their Alma Mater. Their ego is very fragile. The only way to deal with them will be to simply ignore them. Tolerate them upto a certain level and once the level is crossed, give it back to them. Don’t curse them, rather pity them. Good luck.

Only insecure people with a huge inferiority complex can become bullies.

A bully will run with his/her tail between his/her legs once you stand up to him/her.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself

Remembering about some people after reading this when i had joined my PG 5 years back. Wish i could tag them here

Don’t curse them. Pity them. Just imagine their plight… To live with an inferiority complex all their life.

Being a 3rd year resident - i will advice to all the 1st year PG’s to get yourself oriented first in the department like what to do, when to do, what i have to do, what i should do in trouble, what and how to inform. Feel free to ask these questions to your senior after that everything will be clear, and no ego issue or work related issues will arise.

Always take your seniors permission if you are going for your food for initial 1 to 2 months, then gradually you don’t have to do same.


This was not a generalised post. This post was meant to condition the new residents about a " specific class" of SRs. The new residents have cleared one of the toughest competition of this country. They will manage all normal and general things. Dealing with these “specific class” of SRs is a tricky thing because you have to be continuously cautious about not treading on their inferiority complex.

The same people were in ug too who always demotivated from reading and learning.