Three interlinked patient monitoring systems for HIV and TB/HIV:


This 2013 publication is based on the original HIV care/ART system that was initially drafted in 2004 and published in 2006 as the Patient monitoring guidelines for HIV care and ART.

The 2006 Patient monitoring guidelines for HIV care and ART outline a minimum data set and accompanying generic tools for data collection and reporting. More than 29 countries now use an adaptation of this generic system to support their HIV service provision and to provide important programme indicators, with increasing availability of core indicators from a routine, harmonized national system.

But experience using the system with expanding treatment cohorts, increasing acceptance of the need to fully integrate PMTCT interventions with MCH service provision, and the need to more fully support and monitor the provision of INH prophylaxis, TB status screening, and TB-ART co-treatment within HIV services have led to collaborative efforts to produce a second version of the HIV care/ART patient monitoring system with an expanded minimum data set and integrated tools.

The three interlinked patient monitoring systems build and improve on the original 2006 patient monitoring tools by supporting integrated service provision, follow up of mother-infant pair and monitoring of key TB-related and paediatric variables. The MCH minimum data set includes all routine core maternal and infant variables plus key HIV-related variables. The generic ART cohort report has been simplified and the cross-sectional quarterly report is now integrated to collect not only HIV indicators, but also key PMTCT, MCH and TB/HIV indicators. The generic tools are illustrative, for country adaptation.