Tips for toppers : Guessing intelligently

Tips for toppers : Guessing intelligently

While no instructor will ever advocate guessing at the correct answer, a guess is sometimes all you are left with. Just be sure that guessing is a last resort, and that you do it intelligently.

  1. Do not guess until you have eliminated all the definitely wrong responses.

  2. Do not make the questions more difficult than they are - The issue that jumps out at
    you is likely the issue that the correct response addresses.

  3. Be wary of answers that include absolutes - There are few things in medicine that are absolute. Therefore, words like “must,” “always,” and “never” often (but not always!) indicate an incorrect answer.

  4. If two answers are opposites, one is probably correct.

5.Be wary of answer choices from unrelated subjects or unstudied theories.

  1. Trust your instincts – once you’ve narrowed your choices down to two options, trust what your instincts are telling you. In the background, your mind has processed through the question and your “instinct” is really your subconscious helping you make the correct choice.