TL;Dr Non academic post breakup rant


Non academic post breakup rant

While so many of us are busy and excited about the Counseling and beginning of new PG life, I feel at a loss. Everyone’s life seems to be so sorted, everyone is so sure of their motives.

And here, I am, just shocked and devastated after a traumatic breakup of a 3 yrs relationship. It was all so sudden. We dated since ug days. Not everything was perfect, we had our fights. But never did i expect her to simply lose all her feelings for me. Hardly a month ago, everything was so good. It’s just that being post interns, and this being our first drop year, exam stress, both of us staying in separate cities, homes tasks, somewhere it was going less happening than previous times. And yeah some arguments here and there. But suddenly a third person came out of nowhere, and in less than 3 weeks, she suddenly decides she can no longer continue this as she doesn’t have any feelings for me anymore, I have caused her enough troubles.

As it is I was not going very good with preparation until now, and now this devastating news. It still feels like everything is false. And she will come back. Going through our previous messages for hours and hours now

Guys and girls, please, you may have fights, and discords with your partners. And there will be so many people who would be better than them. In these times grass would look greener there. But please, please don’t simply give up like this. There is nothing special in making a new relationship. But preserving what you had for so many years, that is beautiful.

I just can’t understand how to cope with this blow. Man, every memory of my college life, every pic has her face. How can I simply let go. How can she simply let go.

I just can’t.

Please friends, stand by your partners side in this difficult time. Apart from exam stress, there may be so many personal problems. Please hug them, care for them. But please please never leave them in such a time.

I know this is an exam discussion grp. But I had no where to vent out. I feel so so suffocated it’s becoming difficult to breathe. Never imagined i would break this way

Thank you so much every one of you, for your wishes and kind words.

I wish I could respond using my real I’d. But I’m afraid I’m so much not prepared for this.

It is just so difficult to believe for me, that a home, which I thought existed for quite sometime now, and which was howsoever not one of the best homes that exist, but still it was there. It was “our own” home. And how suddenly it just blew away. Just like that. And atleast for me it is so hard to accept.

Though I’m hurting a lot, a real awful lot right now, and I earnestly wish nobody ever go through that hurt ever, ever… Still I wish I’ll someday get over this chapter.

Please wish that both she, and I do well in life. And please pray that I get to crack the exam well. Thank you so much, all of you blessed people.

Someday you are going to thank god for this break up. Till then be strong, and make the best out of this situation.