To all my colleagues and juniors never

To all my colleagues and juniors never choose surgical branch just because you are getting it at your rank last year i got a rank of around 5k i thought i love surgery and choose it but later found out that it’s not right for me so gatherered courage to resign and appear again in next neet as it was just 1 month away everyone advised me to not take this risk but i guess the heart wants what it wants went all in it was the most difficult month of my life but at the end i guess it all went well got under 300 rank this time much relieved now but learned a life lesson

Yes bro… most ppl who ask abt surgery don’t even think if they like it or not … just of sake of getting degree doing something like ms if not invested is waste of life

How do I know if surgery is for me then? I can’t see myself as anything else.But how do I confirm it

Work in surgery dept as a nonpg jr for atleast 1 month