To all my dear fellow #NEETPG aspirants,

To all my dear fellow #NEETPG aspirants,

The pandemic and the already 3 month delay has already gotten to our threshold. I’m as fed up of studying as most of you’ll and want to get the exam over with.

But our very own fellow aspirants who have equally worked hard throughout the year and studied alongside the gruesome duties have some unfortunate, serious and genuine concerns at this last minute.

-Some are positive and hospitalised and anticipating whether they’ll be able to even give the exam in the 1st place after working hard the entire year.

  • Some have travel and accomodation concerns and

-the worrisome part is most interns, house surgeons and non academic JRs still having to do covid duty and will appear for the exam.

We sit for the exam in AC rooms and we all know how COVID spreads. There is risk of infecting our parents, grandparents and siblings as well.

I’m in a dilemma of wanting to get done with the exam but I’m sure where the exam was postponed for more than 90 days, a few more days won’t make any difference.

(We’re all going to continue studying for INI CET anyway.)

So the purpose of writing this post was for 2 things,

  • Kindly be kind and supportive for those wanting the exam postponed because each one of them has genuine concerns and are equally worried about their year and seat as much as the rest of us.

A little kindness can go a long way.

  • Those having travel concerns and those wanting the exam to get postponed by a few more days because of being positive or any other unfortunate circumstances, kindly drop your concerns to NBE via email or try getting touch with NBE. Flood their mail box till they revert (without wasting too much time). Tag them on twitter. Make sure your concerns are heard. Only #NBE can help you.

What will a few more days postponement do?

Will cases go down or lockdown get removed?!!

Things will get much worse

Stop thinking this stupid stuffs and give exam, get permission from local authority for ease of transport during lockdown … Else prepare for next year

Looking at the data, I believe this wave is just starting. In some cities it may be about to reach peak but for about 80% of India peak is not for another 1-2 months.

And government won’t postpone unless they themselves have an excuse which i don’t think they would be having.

Better be extra careful and try to not to get exposed.

I myself have been exposed and am recovering from mild symptoms.