To those public who think that corporate hospitals are looting them without giving proper treatment

To those public who think that corporate hospitals are looting them without giving proper treatment.

Why are you coming to corporate hospital OPD and paying from your pocket. Who is pressurising you to do so. Our state Govt has provided free and high quality healthcare for people like you. Why are you not availing that facility and getting exploited by corporate hospitals. When you are not ready to accept the risk and complication associated with modern medicine, then you should consult Homeopathic doctors for your children’s illness or go to our state Govt hospitals.
When our doctors at Apollo hospital told you that there is no bed, why you did not go to Govt hospital without any further delay. At least you could have telephoned our Madan or Madam to help you.
Next time you come to a corporate hospital, you come knowing fully well that your money will be sucked without providing proper treatment and be ready for worst outcome.
These Hospitals are not for people like you as these were made for the people who has adequate insurance cover and can go to consumer court if outcome of treatment is not acceptable for them. I like to remind you that when your popular Govt do not want to spend more money for healthcare of middle-class class people, they allowed business group to provide quality service and charge the consumer in order to make profit. Govt has allowed you to go to consumer court to prove negligence and demand hefty compensation. Similarly both corporate hospital and doctors have been given liberty to charge for the service (not consumables) according to market economy i.e. whose demand is more, price will be more. Only competition will keep a check on the price.
If you are not ready to accept these basic facts, then do not come to pvt doctors or corporate hospitals, rather go to Govt or NGO Hospitals.

If anyone feel similarly, then circulate among non-medico group as I feel they should know the limitations of our system and do not expect something which our society can not give them at this moment.