To those who think "AI will replace Radiologist"

To those who think “AI will replace Radiologist”

I myself a enthusiastic about technology and Machine Learning

Those who says this kind of sentences don’t know anything About Artificial Intelligence

There was a Project in our city where AI algorithm was made to diagnosis a Covid 19, After feeding 15-20 lakh samples to AI, what was AI’s learning capabilities… It can only Diagnose Pneumonia, it coudnt even detected Peripheral and Lower love predominance and all, all it did was to identify Hazziness and concluding it as Pneumonia

So What future holds regarding AI… is that even if someone is able to make AI that can diagnose diseases, Radiologist would be required then also cuz AI can’t associate clinical history and all

Ultimately If AI comes, Radiology work life balance will improve for sure and Don’t think everyone would be able to afford AI🤣 not for next 40-50 years cuz if you have seen it or not it will be politics to even give access to cutting edge technology to rival countries or not

So Don’t make statements if You don’t even know 01 of Machine learning and AI.

P.S I am not Hardcore radio aspirant but i just wanted to clear doubts and Stop those who post NONSENSE

“AI will replace radiologists” … Catch phrase of radiology aspirants not securing rank to confirm their radio seat.