Today I attended an interview fr duty medical officer in a private hospital

today I attended an interview fr duty medical officer in a private hospital. There was one lady medical superintendent asking me questions like did you come here merrily to make money. If you come to hospital how will you study. She made me feel am worthless. Feeling depressed. Thinking why I studied mbbs . Not getting job . Feeling depressed…

She wants people to work for free or what

If you listen to everyone, you will fall in deep shit.Learn to segregate.

They want permanent people , that’s why this question…or they have to arrange for an interview after few months again…and no one wants that .I guess this will solve ur dilemma…no one does work for charity…no one

very true and why should one ?? Charity on will is ok but forcing someone to work for free is not

Don’t give a damn to these people. Sometimes, your very near dear ones may make you feel worthless, but you must know your worth. What you want from your life and how you are going to do it. For us, real struggle starts after we complete MBBS. Before that everyone asks you about your studies only, and then all of a sudden you face a storm of questions just not related to studies. You just need to maintain your inner peace.

if you seriously want to prepare, forget completely about the job. Repeat every day 2-3times that it’s just gonna be 3more months. All I need is forget about everything and focus only on my studies just for 3more months. Helped me. It may help you too.