Today I lost one of the most important pillar of life

Non academic post

Today I lost one of the most important pillar of life , my love my crush. She got married to someone else yesterday. I don’t care today how much anyone makes fun of me. I also used to make fun of someone’s personal like this… When you spend it on you then you know. Being middle class you are afraid of your future, then fear of parents, fear of society. Fear of not getting PG after UG… What will people say, what will batch mates say. By thinking about all these things, perhaps we are unable to balance our personal life. Yes I got my dream branch. But what now, my pg is done then what. You also marry after looking at your status. But not everyone can have that strong relationship after marriage… I have seen a lot of divorce in medicos… I liked a girl… Since 7 years in our colony. But never dared to talk… Fear here too, if you are in a relationship then you won’t be able to study. Now when you are aged, then think about the tension of PG. Let’s send Facebook friend request after selection. When I messaged after selection, I realized that she liked you more than you… But he also didn’t dare to talk to you. We are chatting since 1 month. You discuss the memorable things of the whole 7 years. You can’t imagine how emotional and beautiful movement is. I used to think this… Money and good position gives you happiness. but I was wrong . She said I waited for you for 7 years. But you are busy in studies, so didn’t disturb… Now my marriage is fixed and that too under the pressure of parents. I like you, can you ask my parents for marriage… Then here also fear of parents. Fear of society… People will say that they did love marriage with non medico… So I started to ignore her. But she used to message me… She knew my nature, still she said, I know your family members will not accept. So no problem. But you don’t forget me after my marriage. we will remain as friend. 😭. Yesterday she got married. She also gave her wedding card. Please come. And I didn’t go… Just because if someone sees, what will he say, see this boy liked him… ( some colony members knew about me and her). I am feeling very regrettable today. Honestly speaking, I feel like crying. She was an honest girl. Now I’m feeling guilty. I also flirt with girls in social media nowadays. But the feelings and emotions you have is strong on your only one. Remembered any movie or Digoue… "We win once. Love also happens once. "

My opinion at last will be this only. Do whatever you like. Don’t listen and people will say about others. I have seen my senior who was topper. Completed his MD. When I meet him, he remains depressed. He has good money and job. But no excitement, I am bored of life. Got married with medico, same cast but he said there is no such bonding between us, just doing duty of husband and wife… Now what to say after seeing all this. Perhaps in the medical race we leave our personal behind. What is our ultimately aim? A happy life after our pg. But when I talk to some practitioners after meeting them… The one who is well settled is his own clinic but still there is no satisfaction. Probably that is the reason that 70% of medicos are in depression.

My suggestion to upcoming medico personal life ,love is more important as your medico life. Here I am sitting in a room crying after switching off the lights, it is paining a lot… I feel that 50% of life’s happiness will never be found again.