Today was Postponement Cases of GATE Exam 2022 was there in Supreme Court

Today was Postponement Case of GATE Exam 2022 was there in Supreme Court.
Supreme Court directly dismisses it
What future NEET PG 2022 Postponement case will have?
Any comments regarding it

No postponement will be there for sure

Our cases don’t get dismissed immediately.

They will postpone for 2-3 hearings then they will dismiss

we have seen the reservation case how that was played all along for so many months

Last 2 weeks se sab tweet me likhte h ki meeting hogyi aur file authority ke pass gyi h tou fir case ki kya jarurat h ? Itne din hogye ab tak file nhi pouch rhi hadh hai

There is a genuine reason for neetpg postponement . They will have to consider intern issue n clash of counselling n exam dates. But hopefully case will be resolved before supreme court as health minister is reviewing case today

Use your brains. Read why they wanted postponement first. Gate exam students wanted postponement because there is covid. Is that a genuine reason ?

Neet pg students have different criterias to postpone it …

Yes… Agree… Neet-PG eligibility criteria + Counselling end @ March 16… These are genuine & legal reasons… so probably supreme court will hear… Before supreme court, Union ministry will take call…

Laila Singh last yr why do u think April 18th neet 2021 got postponed?!

people were dying in April. It was a critical variant. But now only mild cases so obviously they will not listen

Try to resolve this matter before sc hearing other wise court will dismiss the case as they don’t understand the matter of severity