Today's discussion : vulvitis


Vulvitis is irritation or inflammation of the vulva, the skin right outside the vagina. It can be caused by dryness, skin abrasion, an allergy, infection or injury.


Vulvitis can be caused by anything that irritate the vulva the most common causes of vulvitis include: vagina infection such as genital herpes, and fungal infection often cause vulvitis.

  • irritant product made with irritating material or contains dye or perfumes can lead cause vulvitis without an infection for example, soap, powder, sanitary napkin, pantyhorse.

  • vagina douche: douche change the fluid in and around the vulva and can cause dryness or irritation.

  • Hygiene habit changing a pad or underwear, prolonged moisture around the vulva, and not wiping or drying properly can all lead to vulvitis.

SYMPTOMS - Vulvitis vary depending on cause and how long it has been affecting you . Common symptoms include:

✓ itching

✓ Reddnes.

✓ swelling

✓ soreness

✓ pain with sex

✓ bump or wart

✓ vagina discharge

✓ Increased sensitivity when wiping

TREATMENT - The underlying cause of Vulvitis will dictate treatment.

  • Discontinue the use of soaps, lotion, bubble bath, and other products

  • Try not to scratch, Because this can cause or lead to further irritation, as well as cause bleeding or an infection

  • Anti fungal creams or antibiotics creams may be needed by an infection.


  • Wear white Cotton underpants.

  • Avoiding excessively tight pants

  • Avoid vagina sprays and powder

  • changing wet clothing promptly

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