Today's Topic- "HOW WE SPEAKS"

Today’s Topic- “HOW WE SPEAKS”

💢LARYNX also Known As Natural “VOICE BOX” or “SOUNDBOX” is Responsible For All the types of sounds Produced Through The Way of Your Mouth.

💢Your Tongue, Teeth, Vestibule , Teeth and Lips Has also Great Additional Role in All types of Words Or Sounds You Produces.

💢The lining of the larynx has folds across it about halfway down. These are known as the ventricular folds or Vestibular Folds also called FALSE VOCAL CORDS.

💢 Looking into the larynx from above, they look a little like curtains that have been drawn open slightly.

💢The vocal cords run along their edges. The gap between the two vocal cords is called the glottis.

💢By using ligaments and muscles, the vocal cords can be opened and closed, tensed and held together closely – which looks like the curtains being closed.

💢When we breathe out, air flows through the gap between the vocal cords. Depending on their exact position, this causes them to vibrate in different ways, resulting in different tones.

💢Together with the movements of the tongue and mouth, very different sounds can be produced at different volumes, allowing us to speak and sing.

💢In childhood, the vocal cords of boys and girls are equally long. The larynx grows during puberty. This makes the vocal cords longer, lowering the voice – there is a noticeable “breaking” of the voice, especially in boys.

💢Men have a considerably larger larynx than women do, which is why men typically have a deeper voice.