Tonsillectomy For Children

:diamonds: We always post in clinics cases of sore throat and tonsils :mask: for different reasons and many mothers complain that almonds repeat to the child a lot and the question will always be the answer and no :question:
:white_check_mark: the answer to this question is in the paradise for children and children that are used by the American Academy of otolaryngeology-head
& Neck surgery (AAO-HNS)
:star: “and the criteria apply to children from 18 to 18 years old”. :star:

:arrow_right:For children with severe recurrent tonsillitis, tonsillectomy offers benefit by reducing the number of sore throats in the “short-term”.
:arrow_right:Severe recurrent tonsillitis was defined using Paradise’s criteria:
:pushpin:seven or more sore throats per year for one year
:pushpin:five per year for two years
:pushpin:three per year for three years.

:star:(causing significant disruption to schooling and significant ill-health).

:arrow_right:For children with fewer sore throats than defined by Paradise, the risks of tonsillectomy may outweigh the benefits.

N. B.:
:heavy_check_mark:Use these criteria only in patients aged 1-18 years in whom tonsillectomy is being considered.
:x:Do not use in children with diabetes mellitus, cardiopulmonary disease, craniofacial disorders, congenital anomalies of the head/neck, sickle cell disease، coagulopathies, or immunodeficiency disorders.

:diamonds: Ok since we are in a country that is considered moderate / high risk for rheumatoid fever and rheumatoid heart disease (Arf, rhd) here comes a question :question: important and is the tonsillectomy have a role in it reduces gas injury Pharyngitis or what is known as the pool microbe??

:white_check_mark: the fact is that most medical bodies including the American Association of infectious diseases (Idsa) do not recommend tonsillectomy to reduce throat infections caused by the infection of the pool (gas) because there is not enough medical evidence For this procedure…

:arrow_right:International guidelines such as the IDSA do not recommend tonsillectomy for reducing GAS pharyngitis, except for the ‘rare patient whose symptomatic episodes do not diminish in frequency over time and for whom no alternative explanation for recurrent GAS pharyngitis is evident’.

:arrow_right:There is insufficient data to make a definitive recommendation on the use of tonsillectomy in treating recurrent GAS pharyngitis.
:star:Further research is needed to determine the role of tonsillectomy in treating GAS tonsillopharyngitis in those at high-risk for ARF.

:diamonds: is there other indications to make the tonsillectomy / tosilloadenoidectomy other than repeated severe sore throat?? :diamonds:
:white_check_mark: for sure there are other types of it that the swelling of the mucus will have to sleep, breathing or the general health of the child and other reasons…