Total correct in gt still stuck at 110-115

Total correct in gt still stuck at 110-115. I am willing to give up. Seems like i won’t be able to crack neet this year. What to do? I am losing motivation. Please help. Is anybody out there who have scored less marks in gt but got 3-4k rank in main exam?

Quiting now is the biggest mistake you can make. These last three months if you just revise whatever you have studied and solve PYQ modules sincerely u can easily get a good rank. Trust me , i was exactly where u r ryt now before last neet pg. Gud luck. Dont give up. These last few months are the most crucial and rank deciding factor.

Stay focused. Still you have time to make it.

Check your GTs, what subject/topic you are marking wrong.

Find out is it a factual or conceptual one. Work accordingly and quickly.

Improvise every GT by a proper review of it…