Traveler’s diarrhea

Traveler’s diarrhea

Travel is wsy̰lہi zafar -
We have heard this quote for a long time -
Traveling to place place and drinking water of ghat water increases human experiences and increases the mind -
But at the same time, drinking the water of the ghat will get another thing -
Diet means stomach problem -
The most common disease in the passengers is to get bad stomach -
The biggest reason for stomach problem in passengers is that there are type of surgery in the water of the ghat and there is a kind of surgery in the local people’s body, but in the body of the passengers, there is no one against these local surgery. Fans don’t exist -
This disease is called travel’s diarrhea even though this disease can also happen to the local people -
Small children get this disease very easily because this disease is spread from air and children who are not clean can easily spread in other children -

The surgery of this disease is usually present in water -
Drinking water in the developed countries is cleaned from the surgery that is why drinking water in these countries is very less likely to enter your body by drinking water in these countries -
But even in developed countries, by bathing in the swimming pool or swimming pool, drinking their water, or by holding hands with someone or eating food in his pot, this is the proof of you. Can also enter the body -
In a developed country like Pakistan, there are a large number of surgery in the water of water -
This is why if you visit pakistan from outside countries, they are strictly banned from drinking water water -
His body is out of support against the surgery that is why their stomach can only get worse by drinking water -

The diseases of this disease are called giardia which is a single-Cell Animal -
Although there are many types of types of this issue, the basic construction of all of them is less and less.
On one side of her side there is a flagella (I. E) with help it can go from one place to another place -
On the other side there is a suction cup, with which help it shines from the wall of tears -
The reproductive cycle of the human system is complete in human system, means the system itself makes its caps -
After shining in the wall of tears, they start getting food for themselves and start making their own caps -
After making the caps, it makes a shell or her around and seems to be free in the tears -
The human system is trying to remove this disease as an outside body and try to remove it from his system which makes the patient come to the presence of the patient or the jlạb -
In both cases, these words get out of the body including their shell - in this shell, these words can live for several months outside the human body -
With a water flow, these jrtẖwmے reach into the river roads from where they enter the houses of the drinking water system -

These words closed in the shell are re-re-the body of a new patient by entering the body of a new patient -
When they reach the stomach, their shell goes down, and it starts to get food from the stomach and the tears, which leads to the new patient as well as the end of the new patient.

There are many people in the meaning of many people, but they do not show any signs of disease -
Such people are also contagious because there are also these surgery in their air that can make others sick -
Even though this disease does not kill itself and it automatically gets well in a few days, this disease can lead to pain -
Man’s immune system tries to remove the content from the body and water-like air-like air and water-like air -
This may cause a severe drop of water in the body, which can also die in some cases -
The walls of tears in this disease do not cause water and nutrition in the tears that makes the patient feel weak -
Although in most cases the disease is automatically finished in a few days, but if it is not regular treatment and the disease remains for weeks, the patient (and especially children) can be victims of permanent physical and mental weakness-a

This disease brings birth, leaves, like water, leaves like water, there is gas in the stomach, and they die hard -
If you are not careful and do not drink continuously water, then the body seems to be lack of water and the round also comes -
The Treatment of this disease is very easy -
From a common anti-Biology, these words seem to die and the patient becomes healthy within a few days -
This is why the symptoms of diet are visible immediately to the doctor to start the anti-Biology skin.
Always complete the course of anti-life, don’t leave the course incomplete when the symptoms of the disease are finished -
Doing this makes children resistance against anti-life in the crimes and makes it more difficult to end them -

It is very easy to avoid this disease -
Because this disease increases most of the air, so after using a soap, it can’t reach others by washing hands with soap.
After changing small children’s love and cleaning their body, it is also very important to bite the body and hands of the children’s body and then wash your hands with soap -
If you do not have soap to wash your hand, then clean your hand with hand sanitizer -
After washing hands, wipe them with dry hair -
Don’t let the towel get wet otherwise this towel will become a shelter for those crime -
The biggest reason for the stomach bad in the rain is that this surgery spread to others.
Wash wet and learn in the sun -
Always use the water -
The Wall of these crime tear apart the wall of these crime, and their physical content is wasted -
Don’t leave the water open after the water and don’t keep it in the closed bottles for a long time.
If you are not available for water while traveling, buy a bottle of water from the market and drink it, do not use water.