Treatment of pain and chest tightening during the milk period

Treatment of pain and chest tightening during the milk period
A Lion to the baby, despite all the pleasure she has, will be with difficulties and problems. One of these common problems is the pain and pain of the chest, which can be very painful despite being common and continue to continue the breast process. Stay with us to know the treatment of the pain and the pain of the chest as well as the cause of the chest pain and the cause of the chest.
How is the pain and chest tightening during the milk period?

The pain and tightening of the chest can have many causes of causes. The Treatment of breast pain in the breast depends on the cause of its cause. In many cases, the mother touches a hard and painful mass inside her chest, probably caused due to the blockage of the milky channel and the gathering of milk. In these cases to treat the pain and chest tightening during the milk period, the mother should pay attention to symptoms and signs if the mass created has an infection? Is pain only and only caused by the rally of milk? In order to achieve this goal, you need to know the reasons for the breast being painful.
If your milk flow is taken, you will understand, because the pain is touched in that particular area of the breast. Just against the breast fairy (abundance of milk) that you feel the for in all breast. In these cases, use a calm massage and the use of ậrny̰ḵạ cream to treat breast pain during breast pain. You can also put warm fabric on that point. It is better to massage it slowly when feeding the baby, because this act helps relieve the cramps. Notice whether the feeling of pain is in the chest or in the breast tissue itself because the treatment of breast pain in the breast should take place in other ways.
Eating baby milk is very effective in the treatment of pain and breast tightening in the period of breastfeeding, as it will cause the opening of the canal and drain the milk. The baby must be milk both to three hours - about eight to twelve times a day. According to Lenny Khan, the milk consultant, the needs of children are constantly changing in the first month of life. On Average, most children are fed every three hours - that means three hours from the beginning of a shift to the start of the next. When you are a lion, you shall hear the sound of him roar and see the sound of his mouth. Although it is normal for most new mothers to worry about drinking enough milk by their child, if she adds enough weight and has six to eight wet diapers every day, it all shows well that your child is fine.

Inflammation and arthritis

If those breast full of milk remain full of milk, the full breast will lead to inflammation and swollen breast. If the breast has warm and painful and stains or red stains along with a severe fever, you should visit the doctor. If you are having an infection, know that the treatment of pain and chest tightening during the milk period which is caused by an infection requires antibiotics. Usually you should not stop the breast milk. In fact, it is recommended that you continue to go to breast milk. But if you are having severe infection and need stronger antibiotics, it may be recommended to sew your milk for a few days and throw it away. Ask for help to spend this course from nursing experts or consultants. Breast infection has other symptoms such as fever, chills, muscle pain, which will not usually be a problem if it is diagnosed and treated in time.

Signs of the breast in the nursing era

Another solution to cure pain and breast tightening during the breastfeeding period is to solve the problem of milk. The abundance of milk occurs when more than the need of milk is produced. This is the case of supply and demand, which is sometimes due to hormonal activity. Signs include a tight (hard) Breast, warm, beat, bed nipples (making the chest hard) and sometimes the swelling of the lymph glands under the hug. By Feeding your child or using shower milk and massage down on the breast tissue, you should slowly improve the breast of the breast, but to heal the pressure, not to make milk production more. The best solution is to avoid the milk mob to treat the pain and breast tightening during a baby’s request. It means you don’t wait until the baby cries to feed her. When you have a breast full of milk, it is the best way to treat nutrition to your child’s times, but if you miss this method, the cold press will improve the situation. Cream or gel gel will also help the feeling of injuries and fairy breast.