Treatment of PE(premature ejaculation) or early climax!

Treatment of PE(premature ejaculation) or early climax!!

Its not good for your health. It have side effect

You are right not save for health…but do not use permanently b/c can cause of many side effects even if paralysis and effact on the eye… .

Come physically to for proper consultatio

Not me,I am a student and I need to learn from you seniors!!

Have you heard of a Traditional Chinese medicine call revive??? DM me to known more about it

Sidalafil tab 50/100 mg
Contact before 1hours o/p

Sildenafil TBS 100mg half an hour before sex of course u will enjoy the competition

95% of people become stronger and having long last on bed due to kegel exercise

Take watermelon with milk and apply Stop and start method (squeezing ur glans penis when feel like ejaculating).