Treatment of serious Headaches After Car Accident

Treatment of serious Headaches After Car Accident

Consult a neurologist immediately

Do not rely on home management please…you need to go for imaging and neurological consultation

You need to have CT Scan o MRI for that.

If left unchecked, could be fatal…

Have ct first then they’ll check either ur intracranial pressure is raised or not then u’ll be managed

The headache may be secondary to excessive bleeding for this case don’t take water and iv fluids but rather blood transfusion but if it is not the case of blood lose first go for CT

CT Brain 1st then depends all medical managment like Brain dehydration with mannitol or frusimide, or observation, and CT to be repeat within days according to GCS and clinical response, may need surgical intervetion craniotomy, decompression craniotomy, EVD insertion etc etc

Consult a head doctor… CT scan or MRI may be done to rule out case of concussion or brain haemorrhages. Don’t be scared but please, this is a case of serious attention.

Remain blessed.