Two back surgeons recommended lumbar spinal Osteosynthesis!


Two back surgeons recommended lumbar spinal Osteosynthesis!

“If you don’t do this, you run the great risk of permanent paralysis!”

That was the devastating diagnosis of a 52-year-old patient.

On a recommendation from a colleague, she came to us for rehab. First of all, she would like to have a conversation and look at everything from a different perspective, namely that of the rehab trainer.

I took an hour to hear your story and perform functional tests. After all that we sat together at the treatment table and she looked at me in the hope that I could tell something more positive than the two surgeons.

I mentioned to this lady that I cannot give any clear information on how and whether a training would work and whether she will be symptom-free again. But it couldn’t hurt to try it!

Then she said; " If you think so!"

If you mean, “I’d rather wait with the operation!”

So I’ll tell the story in a short version …

We started exercising 3 times a week.

The first month we hardly had any success, even the mostly simple exercises were torture for you … Then there is often a moment of doubt, I’ll do the right thing, pain is unbearable, should she still do the operation…)

But after a 5 week she came to me and mentioned that she had slept a whole night without getting up and walking!

This was a very important mental point, I’ll say. From that point on things slowly got better … So we decided to intensify the training. I explained our walking program. “ If you think so ,” she kept saying. The walking program initially consisted of 15 minutes twice a day, including exercises. So an very humble trainingsprogram.

Two weeks later we sat together again. I asked you what is your goal ?! What do you want to achieve? She mentioned on it; “ I would like to be able to walk around the Rotsee in Lucerne with my man without pain”! This distance is 6.8 kilometers….

That’s absolutely realistic, I told you … “if you think so!”

2 weeks later I got a call … “I walked around the Rotsee !!!”

She was in the clouds!

The next training session we discussed how to proceed… " I would love to be able to jog again! " Since she used to be a passionate runner, I could imagine this …

I mentioned that you should register for the “Women’s Run in Bern”. Distance 10 kilometers.

She looked at me with big eyes and said; “If you think so!!”

On day X the time had come … I received a call from Bern … A totally “hysterical woman” on the phone, my patient! I made it !!!

That was also the point where we decided to stop rehab.

The story is not over yet …

We worked further with personal fitness training.

As a runner, she always had one big wish and that was the Boston Marathon…

1 ½ year after I saw here for the first time, she was ready for Boston …

I got a call……

As a thank you I got a picture which I would like to share with you….

She wrote one line on the picture… ”If you think so”!