Type 2 diabetes characterized by low

:o: Type 2 diabetes characterized by low #allergies to insulin work and #inability to produce enough insulin to overcome ′′ insulin resistance ".

:o: It is essential to maintain diabetes diabetes as hyper-blood sugar is responsible for complications of diabetes that affect #retinopathy, #kidney (nephropathy) and #foot neuropathy)

:o: It’s called less acute hypertension (people with slightly high blood sugar) "# impaired glucose tolerance #This is not associated with a high risk of microvascular disease, but it is linked to an increase in #risk of major #vascular diseases (such as #arteries that leads to #myocardial infarction) as well as an increase in #risk Future #diabetes.

:question::grey_question: :question::grey_question: There is a clear rise in the spread of type diabetes among the migrant population to #industrialized countries, as in Asian and Afro-Caribbean immigrants to the UK or USA.

:question::grey_question: :question::grey_question: Type #60 diabetes is generally more common in countries near #polar regions like Finland, (with more than 60 infected per 100000 population).
In China, India, and Venezuela infection rate (only 0.1 per 100000).