Type 5 Hypersensitivity mimics

Type 5 Hypersensitivity mimics
a) Type 1
b) Type 2
c) Type 3
d) Type 4
Correct Answer - B
Ans. is ‘b’ i.e., Type 2
Type V hypersensitivity reactions were additionally added to the
scheme originally described by Coombs and Gell. Contrary to type
IV and in agreement with types I, 11 and III respectively, they are
mediated by antibodies too.
The type V reactions are sometimes considered as a subtype of
the type II hypersensitivity.
As its mechanisms do not destroy target cells, they are responsible
for induction of organ/tissue dysfunctions only most of authors prefer
it to be and independent, the 5’ type of hypersensitivity reactions