Typhoid: reasons, symptoms and treatment

Typhoid: reasons, symptoms and treatment

" if there is a intoxication in food and friendship, then you have to play extreme losses (quote) ‘’.

This ftwr means shit, shit always causes the breeding of some germs. Ty-Fi (humi ṭy̰fwry̰ہ) is from the same toolkit (group) that spreads from dirty food. The reason for this fever is the germs ’ sy̰lmwny̰lạ ٹ ạỷy̰ Per ’ is. This is a mtʿdy̰ disease that can spread a healthy person from a patient. This disease is days or more days or more.

Usually in the fever, the subtle pimples come out of the body. These are especially the breast, the womb and back. Its center is “Ậnty̰ں” here the bad effects of this germs are included in blood. The germs of this fever. In the gland of intestines, swelling and qrḥ (wounds in which the wounds that is born). These germs are also embedded in the liver, fried, fried, address, brain blocks and are discharged through the fḍlạt. Their breeding is very fast in the intestines. The pimples of the body are also present in the content of these seeds.

ٹ ạỷy̰fạỷy̰ڈ ḵ ے reasons:

The germs responsible for the “Tie-spreading” fever in Pakistan is 2 TO 5 Mạỷy̰ḵrwn long and 0.5 mạỷy̰ḵrwn. The spread of this disease is the spread of the patient’s words. Apart from the patient’s sweat and spit. in some areas this disease spreads from wells and ạwrtạlạbw ں which includes the problems of a patient, and raw milk, dirty water cultivated vegetables, patient utensils, clothes etc. Is it.

Remember that even after being healed from this disease, the germs of this disease is discharged for months. This disease is more in hot countries, rain and heavy weather. Children and youth are more than this disease. It is troubling. in some people who are weak against this disease, this disease is early than others, the weakness of the weakness of ہ ạḍm ے in weakening the disease, more details, pain, pain, bad food. Use is helpful.

The duration of your immunity:

After eight to fifteen days of entering the human body of germs, this disease appears. This period depends on the power of germs, some people after three days this disease appears, some people, some person It appears in five days and in some days later.


From sixth to the th day, the chest, the back, and the stomach come out of the stomach, and the pink wrinkled together, and they lose their headline for a while, then it comes back again this disease. The special symbol of some people get white and shiny pimples, sometimes these pimples come out on side, back, arm and thighs. Usually three weeks or more time old grains are finished and new pimples, every spot Disappears in three to four days. Except:

1 Fever (102 to 103 degrees farenheit),
3 pain in stomach and head,
4 some people constipation and some diarrhea,
5 lack of hunger,
7 ۔ the secret,
8 the land (due to the blood of blood),
9 irritation in breath,
10 being yellow of the face,
11 Increase 2 degrees daily for five days of heat (even 103 to 104 foreign hight,
12 spreading of eye skinny
13 the black of the lips, the tongue dry and on both sides of the tongue goes white bottom
14 sometimes it gets nḵsy̰r,
15 being pain by pressing on the right side under the navel,
16 the color of the hand is yellow and the qwạm, sometimes there is a mixture of blood in them.
17 fried increases,
18 the amount of speaking is less, strong and color ink,
19 after 19 days, the fever goes up and sometimes it comes down in the morning, in the morning, the fever goes to 101 degrees farenheit, then after a couple of days fever is moderate in the morning and evening but physical weakness remains. - the fever seems to feel hungry a few days before it’s right.

Typhoid Results:

1 weakness of heart and mind,
2 complaints of ہ ạḍm ے,
3 increase in sleep and cheap,
4 tongue dry and face dust,
5 the ḍʿf of muscle,
6 Teeth Yellow,
7 clothes on the lips,
8 to stay in some people of bol wbrạz and some of them are discharged (ḥạlti ṭy̰fwry̰ہ)
9 swelling in the lungs of lungs (Brạnḵy̰wlz).

Treatment of typhoid:

Modern ہ Rblzm:

Drink the coffee of the leaves of neem, Ginger, garlic, s ہ ạnjn ہ ạnjn ہ, also feed the seeds of the seed. The amount of age and weight, after 20 minutes, after 20 minutes, give half grams.

Alopathic Treatment:

‘Flwrwḵwỷy̰wnwlwn Anti-Biotics ٹ Ạmwl’ after 20 minutes, give 2 pills and ḵy̰wly̰n pạw ڈ rdy̰ں for the diarian. Often pay less attention to diagnosis and the disease that more people are victims of this disease. Refrain.

How to avoid ty-fi?

1 keep the ہ ạḍm ہ correct,
2 don’t let constipation happen,
3 use boiling water,
4 keep the patient in the air room so that the healthy people don’t spread.

(writing: Dr. Hakim Waqar Ḥsy̰y̰n, courtesy: Daily Express)