U know what our field lacks more bro?

U know what our field lacks more bro??


Because of people, like u.

1.Doctors are getting thrashed,

2.Govt is increasing fees carelessly

3.everyday govt is bringing new rules against us.

How can they bring the new pattern,

When only 2 months left for exams, and not give clarification about it?

Even though we have been preparing for it since a year.

Answer is very simple bhai, we don’t have UNITY and also we have careless people like u.

They know, that even if we increase fees Or change exam they don’t ask questions.

And kindly keep ur jokes to urself,

U belong to the same gang of people, who doesn’t have the guts to ask question when something is going wrong but enjoy the benefits of someone else’s struggle.

Preaching aside, agar bhagwan ne bhuddi diya ho to, agli baar se soch ke comment karna.

All the best for your future.