Uncomplicated malaria has diaphoresis or diarrhoea?

Uncomplicated malaria has diaphoresis or diarrhoea ?

Must be diaphoresis…

Seems like a printing error


Don’t you have eye problems and headache with small screen?

See,doubts are meant to be cleared and you are no one to deprive one of that…

Everyone who is here tags a faculty to have his/her doubt cleared whatever doubt it is and .Its upto the faculty to decide to answer it or not.

So, Henceforth refrain someone from discouraging posting doubts in this platform whatever big or small doubt it is…Dr Rakesh Sir has no where mentioned that he is going to clear only big standard doubts or Doubts of pg level only.

I said let the faculty decide …There are moderators too…Dont discourage people from posting Doubts

It is Diaphoresis. We will update this in notes. Thank you for your input.