Unprecedented emergency in the wake of the COVID19

Unprecedented emergency in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic has seen an exorbitant increase in price and short supply of high quality N95 masks. Remidio has been working closely with Parisodhana Technologies based in Hyderabad, in bringing validated, indigenously developed N95 masks to the market, that meet:
1.Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of 99% 0.3 um
2.Particle Filtration Efficiency of 97% (per ASTM 2299)
3.Conformance to ASTM 1862 standard for Splash Resistance at 160 mm Hg
4.Differential Pressure of 38 Pa/cm sq. per IS 16289
5.Class I characterization based on Flammability tests as per 16CFR Part 1610

At an MRP of 99, it is Remidio’s way of ensuring that all healthcare workers get access to affordable N95 masks during this pandemic.
Order yours now at https://store.remidio.com/…/ma…/products/3-ply-surgical-mask