Update on the NMC Fee Guidelines

Update on the NMC Fee Guidelines

  1. Attached is the communication from the Chairman, NMC to all Deemed Univs shared online through tweets)

  2. The communication looks genuine & should have been sent to all Deemed Univs(in all states) with a copy to the respective state Chief secretaries

  3. The above is a copy that was received by Chief Secretary Pondicherry. Does not mean only Pondicherry is implementing. The NMC would have sent this to all deemed Univs with a Copy to States too

Beyond this no info but

  1. Intention to implement 50% Govt fee from NEET PG 2022 is clear. As mentioned earlier.

  2. The drive to implement has started a week back with NMC sending this letter. Good to see that & gives hope that there is some direction to force States to regulate fee, if they have not started yet.

  3. Though we don’t have a confirmation, highly likely that a similar one would have been sent to Pvt Institutes too

As of now this is good direction. We may not be able to respond to chances of implementation etc.