Upright MRI is the only

Upright MRI is the only “whole body MRI” with the ability to perform Positional Imaging™ which allows patients to be scanned in positions such as sitting or lying down. For the first time, patients can be scanned in weight-bearing positions in their precise location of the symptoms or pain.

The Upright MRI has the ability to put the patient in the position necessary to give the most complete and accurate diagnosis. As a result of its unique ability to scan patients in weight-bearing positions the Upright® MRI has detected problems that would have gone undetected on ordinary lie-down scanners.

Patient with claustrophobia, or unable to lie supine
An open upright MRI scanner can accommodate patients with severe claustrophobia, certain deformities and conditions that would prevent them from lying supine.
The Upright , multi-positional MRI offers extraordinary patient comfort and diagnostic advantages.

Patient-friendly for children, adults and seniors.
Comfortable, easy positioning - sitting or lying down.
Watch a 42” TV during your scan.
Accommodates patients up to 500 lbs