USMLE Step 1 experience, personal tutoring:

USMLE Step 1 experience, personal tutoring:

Hi, I’m Arnav Kamat. I gave my Step 1 exam in June 2020 and I wanted to write about my experience but I was busy studying for CK so now I finally have the chance to write it.

PREP TIME: 9 months (September 2019 to June 2020)

Resources used:

First Aid for Step 1, 2020 edition

UWorld Qbank (2 passes)



AMBOSS Qbank (about 60%)

Anki (Anking v6, updated to 7 later: finished all 30,000 cards)

NBME scores:

NBME 13 (beginning of prep): 215

NBME 15 (4 months out): 255

AMBOSS self-assessment (3 months out): 259

NBME 18 (2 weeks out): 266

Free 120 (1 week out): 93%

UWSA 2 (3 days out): 271

Real deal: 264 (15/06/2020)

I tried to emulate this testimonial closely, so you will find most questions answered here. Big thanks to this Doctor!

Feel free to ask me any questions below!

Also, check out my video on How to Solve Questions. This is Part 1 (for beginners). Parts 2 and 3 for intermediate and advanced questions will be out soon!

I am offering private tutoring for the Step 1 and Step 2 CK starting at very affordable rates (40-50$ an hour). I have made high yield notes that I used to study for the two steps, and I teach theory using those notes and my tablet. I also teach question solving skills. For this, email me on: [email protected]