USMLE Suspending Step2 Clinical Skills Examination

USMLE Suspending Step2 Clinical Skills Examination
Posted:May 26,2020
Over the course of the last three months, the USMLE program has considered several options for resuming Step2 Clinical Skills(CS) testing,
The exploration was informed by years of ongoing work charting the future of clinical skills assessment for licensure,including considerations of telehealth (as announced on May 8th). Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic ,we have accelerated these efforts, Due to the complexity of technical and psychometric work required, we have determined we will not be able to meet timelines for the immediate release of a revised exam, In making this determination to suspend, we also considered the examinees and stakeholder concerns about the challenges created by rapid deployment of a new test platform.After careful consideration of all factors , we have decided to suspend Step2 CS test administration for the next 12-18 months.

They have also immediately reverted and mentioned the effort they are putting in to see how they can certify students without this exam,
For those of you planning to apply this September and haven’t taken the CS exam don’t despair.
We will update you on any information that comes out way.
Till then keep working on your step-1 CK
The ecfmg is working on these options:

  1. Identifying alternatives to Step2 Cs that can be available now to allow IMGs to meet the clinical skills requirement For ECFMG Certification and providing an update on these alternatives in the very immediate future;
  2. Collaborating with organizations involved in the recruitment and training of medical school graduates in United states to migrate disruptions ; and
  3. Advocating forcefully for the interests of IMGs as plans develop for the continued training of physicians during the COVID19 (Coronavirus)
    Thank you.