Vulvar atrophy and itching are treated by-

Vulvar atrophy and itching are treated by-
a) Estrogen ointment
b) Antihistamines
c) Tamoxifen
d) None
Correct Answer - A
Ans. A. Estrogens ointment
Atrophic vaginitis, the medical term for this condition, occurs as a
result of deterioration of the vaginal tissue.
It’s a common condition in postmenopausal women because as
estrogen levels drop, the tissue that lines the vagina becomes
thinner and more easily damaged.
Women with atrophic vaginitis may also experience vaginal itching,
burning, frequent urination, or vaginal discharge.
Women can treat this condition topically with estrogen creams,
tablets (Vagifem), or an estrogen-releasing ring placed in the vagina
Oral estrogen, available with a doctor’s prescription, will also restore
vaginal tissue.
Vaginal lubricants offer an alternative for women wary of using
Moisturizers such as Replens, Astroglide, and Lubrin can reduce
symptoms and make sexual intercourse more comfortable.